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Translator Recruitment Service

This service takes full advantage of our global network of freelance translators to connect clients with screened professionals. Whether you are looking for a translator specialised in a particular field or for an in-house assignment we can help.

What are the benefits of this service?
Working directly with one of our translators could save you 20%-40% depending on the nature of the material. You won't benefit from the comprehensive quality control by our in-house reviewing team but you will still get to work with a screened professional translator, thereby giving some assurance as to the quality of the translation. You also won't have the option of having a full QA or proofreading by a second professional, which is essential for critical corporate documentation and publications.

This approach differs dramatically from that offered by low-price translation agencies charging around the same as experienced translators. Like any business, they are looking to turn a profit. This means that they have to recruit amateur or inexperienced translators with obvious consequences on the quality of the translation. With the Translator Recruitment Service, however, you simply pay a modest one-off fee for the translator's contact details and you are free to build your own relationship with the translator without involving us.

How are translators screened?
We literally gets hundreds of applications per month, the bulk of which are regrettably rejected on initial inspection. This is because even before testing their translation capabilities all our translators must:
- Be native speakers of the language into which they translate;
- Have university degrees in translation or in one of our specialist subject areas;
- Have experience translating in one of our specialist subject areas.

Any applicant meeting these criteria is asked to supply a sample translation for each of the subject areas in which they specialise. If they are deemed satisfactory the applicant may then be asked to do a sample translation in a specific field (such as say corporate reporting) before being entrusted with a translation task.

How do I recruit a freelance translator?
As part of our ongoing quality processes, every translator gets a quality score on the basis of the work they do for us. When we get a request, we filter our database for the highest-rated available translator. Then, so long as the translator agrees, we pass on his/her contact details to the client. In some instances, however, due to the nature of the client's request we may not actually have worked with the chosen translator.

In certain cases, however, clients may ask us to run a screening process that is tailored to their specific requirements. The client may wish to put together a team of translators specialising in a very niche field or to work onsite. In such cases, applicants may, for example, be asked to do a short client-specific test.

So what does it cost?
Our fees are modest and depend on the nature of the request. In any event, we will provide you with a firm quote before undertaking any work.

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