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Translation Service Levels

We value your trust. We also fully understand the care required when working with sensitive documents. That’s why we offer five levels of service: Machine Translation; Machine Translation and Post Editing; Translation; Translation and QA; and Translation and Proofreading to ensure you receive the quality of translation and necessary discretion required by your project. You can rest assured your corporate documents are given meticulous attention and always kept in the strictest confidence.

5 levels to a happy client.

5-star: Translation & Proofreading
This level is intended for publications. It includes Translation & QA plus a full proofreading. You can rest assured that your translation will be as flawless as we can make it!

4-star: Translation & QA
Recommended for virtually all corporate projects, this level includes translation by a screened specialist as well as an accuracy check by a second translator to ensure a virtually perfect translation.

3-star: Translation
This is the most affordable professional translation level and is recommended for internal use. Your document is translated by a screened translator. It is not, however, reviewed by a second specialist.

2-star: Machine Translation + Post Editing
Machine translation obviously offers no guarantees as to accuracy. So, if all you want is a low-quality but accurate translation, our team can quickly correct the inaccuracies. In that way you can be sure that you'll get a proper gist of what the document is about.

1-star: Machine Translation
Automated machine translation along the lines offered by Google. Apart from being able to handle all file formats, there is little to distinguish our offering from what you can find online for free. So, unless you can't spare the time, you'd probably be best advised to find a free service to your liking and use that.

Not sure what you need? Contact us for a free customized quote.

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