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Snapshot of Services

  1. All European and major global languages: including Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and every other European language you can think of.
    Read about some popular language combinations.

  2. 5 service levels: Translation + Proofreading, Translation + QA, Translation, Machine Translation + Post Editing, Machine Translation.
    Learn more about our service levels.

  3. Business translation specialist: financial documentation, sales and marketing material, legal documents.
    Learn more about our areas of specialisation!.

We specifically offer the following services

> Document translation
Your company’s documentation is translated by domain specialists, followed by a review and quality control process.

> Review of existing corporate documentation
If your documentation has already been translated internally and you would like to have it reviewed by specialist linguists, Stranslations would be more than happy to help.

> Handling of regular updates
If you have documentation that requires regular updating across a number of languages (amending brochures, fund commentaries…) we can ensure that the respective translations are kept up to date.

> Development of specialised glossaries
If you have a large quantity of corporate documentation and would like to harmonise existing terminology to ensure it is consistent, we can build glossaries from existing documentation or in line with your instructions.

> Translation of your website
If your company has an international presence, the image transmitted through your website is crucial. It is thus important that your translation be handled by specialists applying the highest quality standards. We can manage the translation and regular updating of your website using your website’s source files, thereby reducing the workload on your webmaster.

> Translation audit
This service is designed for international businesses that either do their translations internally or directly with other translation services. It provides managers with an impartial outside view of the quality of their translations. To learn more about how the Translation Audit Service can help your company please contact us for a personal consultation.

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