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Legal Translation Services

“Nice translation, no mistakes.” This is the sort of feedback all legal translators treasure. Some jobs allow certain leeway as to the number and seriousness of mistakes - not legal translation. It is essential that the translation be right first time around.

On top of this, it is probably one of the most challenging areas of translation. It is not only a matter of understanding one’s own legal culture, but the translator must also be a student of comparative legal systems. Legal systems vary vastly from one country to the next and in some instances within the same state. The United Kingdom is a case in point. Everyone in the legal world will no doubt be aware of the more than subtle differences between Scots and English law.

For this reason, our preference is in fact to work with law graduates. This gives us, and more importantly you, the assurance that your document will be competently translated. No matter what you need translated, we’re certain you’ll be happy with our services.

Take advantage of our experience with:

  • Contracts: MOUs, terms & conditions, service agreements, sales agreements, employment contracts...
  • Corporate documentation: articles of association, memoranda, bylaws...
  • Litigation & arbitration: court rulings, court orders, court pleas...
  • Real-estate: conveyances, lease agreements...

Snapshot of translation services
  1. All European and major global languages: including Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and every other European language you can think of.
    Read about some popular language combinations.

  2. 5 service levels: Translation + Proofreading, Translation + QA, Translation, Machine Translation + Post Editing, Machine Translation.
    Learn more about our service levels.

  3. Business translation specialist: financial documentation, sales and marketing material, legal documents, product documentation.
    Learn more about our areas of specialisation!

Other benefits for you
  1. Fair pricing: We believe in hiring the best talent on the market. We don't, however, believe in expensive offices and high overheads. You can thus benefit from working with highly experienced translators without paying the prices charged by more traditional agencies.

  2. Quality control: All team members only work in their native language and boast certifiable expertise in their particular fields: accounting, banking, engineering, finance, law, marketing, etc.

  3. Fast turnarounds: We meet every deadline. Simple as that.

  4. Strict confidentiality: We regularly deal with highly confidential material such as unpublished annual reports of listed companies. So strict confidentiality is a part of every job we translate. For your added assurance, we will happily sign any non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement upon request. We are also happy to use OpenPGP for all email transfers should you prefer. Email us and we'll send you our key.

Quality in Translation
We are a charter member of the Quality in Translation Campaign. Learn more.

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